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◆Introduction for Atago Japanese language school

Study advanced level Japanese and work in Japanese companies after graduation

 In our school, students will study at an advanced level of Japanese. This will prepare them to freely continue their studies in a university or vocational collage of their choice. Furthermore, our class will be focused on learning proper Japanese, business manners and business expressions. Atago Japanese language school is the best option for people studying in Japan to gain success in the Japanese workforce.


Study in Nagano surrounded by a rich natural environment

 Our school is located in beautiful Nagano prefecture, historically named “Shinshu”, is famed for its longevity. Nagano also has various specialties such as soba, miso and apples produced in a rich natural environment. In 1998, the Winter Olympic Games where held in Nagano. Access to Tokyo is convenient using transportation systems constructed in that period. In addition there are various shopping centers and restaurants which student can conveniently use. Zenkouji temple, which is a national treasure and the most popular sightseeing spot in Nagano, is also nearby the school.

We support all students to achieve their own goals and dreams after graduation

 In our school, we will continue to support all students until they can achieve their dreams. We will work hard together to make the dream of each student come true. Atago language school can enable students to achieve their goals, whether they want to study in a university, work at a Japanese company, find a job in Nagano, or prepare for the JLPT. Atago Japanese language school will give maximum support for all students by utilizing our environment and opportunities fully.

◆School missions

  • 1. Develop human resources which can succeed in a global society
  • 2. Provide the best environment for students, staff, teachers and all people concerned.
  • 3. Try to be #1 Japanese language school located in Nagano

◆Educational philosophy

  • 1. Develop human recourses which can succeed in the world
  • 2. Develop human resources which can succeed in Japan through studying Japanese.
  • 3. Give maximum support for all students so that they can achieve their personal and academic goals.

Message from school’s director Akiharu Yanagi

Atago Japanese language school set three educational philosophies: create a Japanese language school students can enjoy, produce distinguished student groups from our school and be a Japanese language school contributing to our local community and the world. For Japanese learners, their goals of Japanese language study and we want to enable them to pursue their own personal goals.
We created a Japanese language school where students can enjoy, discover their dreams for the future, be happier through their experience at our school. And it is our mission to send out more students to the world. I encourage you to use the support from specialists of Japanese education at our school and make your dreams come true!

10-4-18, Miwa, Nagano, Nagano-ken, 380-0803, Japan
phone+81-26-217-2420 facsimile+81-26-217-2421
E-mail info@ajls.jp